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Sponsorship is a key to the success of most professional sports. However, it almost goes without saying that sponsorship is more important in motor racing than in almost any other sport. Principally, because sponsorship is the primary source of revenue that keeps the sport running. This free guide is the most comprehensive resource on NASCAR sponsorship that you can find anywhere online, for free. While certainly not all-inclusive, this guide will help you make sense of the modern NASCAR sponsorship landscape.
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Leavine Family Racing is proud of our relationship with our current sponsorship partners. These relationships allow us to compete in the NASCAR Cup Series, while providing measurable business benefit to the partner. Check out the content in our Partner Blog to see if a NASCAR race team sponsorship can add value to your business.

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May 24, 2019

How to Choose the Best Partner for Your NASCAR Sponsorship

When considering if your company is right for sponsorship in NASCAR, there are several considerations to explore. Many times, two companies become involved in a partnership only to realize they…

May 10, 2019

The Sticker Shock of the NASCAR Sponsorship Pitch

Often, I find myself on the phone with a potential sponsor and the topic of sponsorship cost comes up. Ninety percent of the time the prospect will say something like “We are a small company and…

April 26, 2019

Behind The Scenes of How a Race Team Sponsorship Comes to Life

Each sponsorship throughout the sport of NASCAR comes to life in its own unique way. No two businesses are the same so neither should their sponsorship activations. In order to see how a race team…

April 12, 2019

Is NASCAR Sponsorship Still Relevant for Blue Chip Companies?

Much has been made of recent, high-profile sponsor exits from NASCAR. What does this tell us about the sponsorship landscape for blue chip companies?

March 29, 2019

When is the Best Time to Engage For a Race Team Sponsorship?

Have you considered sponsoring a race team to market your product or services, but not sure when the right time to get started might be?  This blog post will walk through the “rules of engagement"…

March 15, 2019

Legalized Sports Gambling Unlocks New Opportunities for NASCAR

The legal sports betting landscape is constantly changing and Nevada’s strangle hold on the growing industry basically ended last spring (2018) when the Supreme Court ruled the ban should be lifted

February 28, 2019

NASCAR Sponsorship - The ROI Impact of Winning Races

Does winning matter? Most executives will have an opinion based on their professional experience. In this blog post we will answer questions like “Do sponsors of winning teams see a lift in…

February 15, 2019

NASCAR’s New Normal and What it Means for Sponsors

As the beginning of another NASCAR season is upon us, the general feeling towards sponsorship in our sport is uneasy. Now, don’t stop reading at this point and assume we are making doom and gloom…

January 30, 2019

How Does NASCAR Sponsorship Stack Up Against Other Sports?

Sponsoring NASCAR at any level (i.e. league, team(s), driver(s), track(s), or media) can look very similar to other sports at first glance. However, when you consider the deep layers of the sport…

January 11, 2019

Sponsorship vs. Partnership - Is There a difference?

In sports business you will often hear the terms sponsorship and partnership used interchangeably. Some teams tout their sponsorships and others refer to the partnerships they have in place. Is…

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