ABC's of NASCAR sponsorship

26 Fundamental NASCAR Sponsorship Topics Explained

LFR - eBook ABCs - 20200103

Like every industry, sponsorship - specifically, NASCAR sponsorship - is fraught with its own specialized terminology that can be quite daunting to the newcomer. For someone just getting started on their NASCAR sponsorship journey, this jargon can be confusing and downright overwhelming.

That's why we created this eBook. The ABC's of NASCAR Sponsorship is a guide to industry terms and concepts that will get you well on your way to better understanding the space. This glossary is NOT meant to be all-inclusive, but this eBook - in combination with the blog posts on this site - will help you begin to understand the NASCAR sponsorship landscape, and what makes the sport - and the sponsorship of the sport - unique, and powerful.

Here are just  a few of the topics covered:

  • Awareness
  • Branding
  • Interactive
  • Marketing Mix
  • Scalable
  • Youth